Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lights! Cameras! Mediation?

From the "never thought I'd see this" category.

There's going to be a television show about mediators.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the USA Network has agreed to a pilot called "Facing Kate." It's the story of a divorced attorney who leaves her job to be a mediator.

If this gets off the ground, we all need to spruce up our offices and be prepared for the expectation of glamor.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What do attorneys want?

As part of my role as Communications person for the ADR section of the Dallas Bar Association, I have the privilege of attending monthly section meetings. Yesterday's meeting was fabulous.

Three very prominent attorneys and one former judge were on a panel discussing everything from the value of a joint session, ethical considerations, and mediation tips. I came away with a page full of notes.

Most importantly, to me, was the unanimous viewpoint by all three experienced attorneys that they want a mediator who will evaluate the case and be advocates for settlement. "Evaluate the case and the party's position", "hold people accountable", "help clients understand risks" were phrases that were used.

I know some mediators who agree with this position. I know others who believe the evaluative model is flawed because it takes the mediator out of a truly neutral position. What do you think? Should we do what our "customers" want and desire?