Monday, December 6, 2010

DC: foreclosure mediation

Washington, D.C. recently passed legislation requiring mediation prior to a home foreclosure, according to Benny Kass at the Washington Post.

According to the article, 23 states have enacted some form of mediation for foreclosure cases. The legislation requires lenders to send notice of default to the homeowner and a notice to participate in mediation. The mediation notice must contain the lender's contact information and contact information for a local housing counseling service. The legislation also requires the lender to provide a description of its loss-mitigation programs along with a loss-mitigation application.

Workplace confrontation

Here's a very interesting article from Jenna Goudreau at the Forbes blog. It's about handling conflict in the workplace. Here are some quotes:

In a workplace, you are standing in a field of conflict.
How you handle confrontation in the office may be as important as networking and technical skills.
And checkout the slides that accompany the article--they are very good.